New Schedule

I’ve set up a schedule for myself that I will try to follow starting in the next week or so.

I’ve set up a page so that you can view in but I’ll go over it in a bit more detail here.

Mondays: Game Analysis. I’ll pick a game and do a short analysis on its design or story. These won’t get too technical or in-depth but will just be a somewhat casual discussion about the topic

Tuesday: Short Story. A way for me to practice writing or new writing styles. I’ll come up with an idea or find one online.

Wednesdays: Game Discussion. This will just be a straight up discussion about a game. I’ll typically focus on a specific topic (such as updates, gameplay, etc.) but it may end up occasionally being pseudo-reviews

Thursdays: Same as Tuesdays.

Fridays: Book progression. I’m writing a book! Whether or not the book will be published or if it’s just a little pet project remains to be seen but I’m hoping by giving updates about it I will remain motivated.

Saturdays and Sundays have no scheduled posts although I imagine I will write the occasional off-topic post on these days.


Lawnmower Guy

I’m sitting at my desk when I notice it’s about time for my dog to go out. So naturally, I call my dog and open the back door to take him out.

Now, it should be noted that walking out my back door puts you right onto the balcony which has a nice view of the hill I live on. As I’m exiting my home, dog in tow, I glance down at the road. What do I see? A man. Riding on his lawnmower. Up the hill.

Strange right? Well I decide that it’s none of my business and I should leave him be. Oh yeah, see? Just getting his mail. Now I’m sure he’ll just make his way back down the hill right?


This man pulls into the house directly next to the mailboxes. It’s very obvious at this point that it’s his house as he’s putting the trashcans away inside the garage.

Which means that this man went on some crazy joyride around the neighborhood on his rideable lawnmower.

Maybe we can all learn something from this. What can we learn? No clue. Just don’t change Lawnmower Guy, just don’t change.