New Schedule

I’ve set up a schedule for myself that I will try to follow starting in the next week or so.

I’ve set up a page so that you can view in but I’ll go over it in a bit more detail here.

Mondays: Game Analysis. I’ll pick a game and do a short analysis on its design or story. These won’t get too technical or in-depth but will just be a somewhat casual discussion about the topic

Tuesday: Short Story. A way for me to practice writing or new writing styles. I’ll come up with an idea or find one online.

Wednesdays: Game Discussion. This will just be a straight up discussion about a game. I’ll typically focus on a specific topic (such as updates, gameplay, etc.) but it may end up occasionally being pseudo-reviews

Thursdays: Same as Tuesdays.

Fridays: Book progression. I’m writing a book! Whether or not the book will be published or if it’s just a little pet project remains to be seen but I’m hoping by giving updates about it I will remain motivated.

Saturdays and Sundays have no scheduled posts although I imagine I will write the occasional off-topic post on these days.


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