The Island

tropical-island-beach-1“Hello?” a soft voice called out to me.

I opened my eyes. Unless the roof of my house was gone I wasn’t home. The sky back home was never this blue anyway. I sat up, the sand shifting beneath me as I did. There was a woman slightly to  my left.

“Oh good, you’re awake now.” she said with a smile, her eyes twinkling.

“Yeah I guess so.” I exhaled. “Where are we?”

Her smile faded a bit and she shifted around uncomfortably. “I um… I’m not sure.” She smiled apologetically.

I got up on my feet and looked around. The ocean expanded off into the distance to my right and to my left, beyond the woman, there was a vast forest.

“Do you know how we got here?” I turned to her.

“I was hoping you could tell me.” she sighed.

“Well I guess there’s nothing left to do but look around.” I started off towards the forest.

“Wait!” she cried out as she grabbed my arm.

I turned around. For a brief moment I could’ve sworn the previous twinkle in her eyes had turned into nothing more than pure rage. She looked up at me, her eyes now full of fear. I told her everything would be okay and continued into the forest, the woman followed me closely.

The forest was nothing unusual. The sound of birds and insects echoed around us. We eventually entered a clearing. In the center of the clearing there was a tree stump, with a man sitting on it. I quickly walked over to him and put my hand on his shoulder. He didn’t move. I shook him a bit. He fell over, lifeless.

I stepped back in shock and turned to look at the woman. She was nowhere to be found.

“Hello?!” I cried out. There was a rustling in the trees. I heard a woman’s scream.

I ran towards it. Maybe I shouldn’t have. I wasn’t thinking straight, I just kept running towards the source of the scream. I tripped. As I wiped the mud off my face I turned to examine what made me lose my footing. It was the woman. Her body was torn in two.

I heard a low growling getting closer. Some sort of beast. Getting closer. I was not alone on this island.

But it was about to be.



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