Under Attack



“He’s clean.” the guard put the device away and shoved me forward before I could even get back on my feet.

“Watch the merchandise.” I growled at him.

“You have 10 minutes.” the other guard barked without turning around.

I stepped through the office door and heard it creak shut behind me. I reached behind me and twisted the lock. I coughed through the smoke.

“Hey Doc…” I stepped forward.

The two guards turned to their boss. The old man turned around. His eyes matched his graying hair and were already filled with annoyance. It’s a shame too, looks like there used to be wisdom in them.

“What do you want?” he sneered at me.

“I’m sorry for taking valuable time out of your day, Doc.” I removed my hat as I took another step forward. The guards tightened their grips on their guns. “I was just hoping you could help my colony.”

“Well out with it, boy.” he threw his hand up in my general direction.

“Yeah, sure, Doc. You see, my colony’s been getting harassed by some of them creatures for the past few nights now. I was hoping you could help us get rid of ’em.”

“How the hell am I supposed to help you? I’m just a doctor.” he stamped his cigar out.

“Well I know that Doc. But you got plenty o’ men. Can’t you just send a few our way?”

“No. I can’t afford to give you any of my men.” he locked his eyes with mine.

I turned my gaze to my shoes. “But Doc-”

“I said no!” he shouted slamming his fist on the desk. “Besides, we’ll soon have a cure for the virus and this will all be over.”

The door rattled. “Sir! Is everything okay in there?!” one of the guards outside yelled through the wood.

“Yes everything is fine!” he yelled back. “Which one of you knuckleheads locked the door?” he started making his way around his desk.

I stepped in front of him and locked my eyes into his. Fear now. Good.

My smile grew with my teeth. “Hey Doc… you ever heard of a super-virus?”

He took a cautious step back. “Of course I have! What kind of doctor do you take me for?”

My back began to arch forward as my spine expanded. “Well then you must know super-viruses are extremely difficult to treat correct? What makes you so sure you can cure it?” I grimaced in pain as my fingernails were slowly replaced with talon-like claws. “I’m sure then you know about virus evolution too, correct? Of course you do; you’re a doctor.” Thick saliva began to drip from my fangs. “Did you ever think that after all these years your stupid little scanners could still locate the virus? You’re using ancient technology, old man.” My chuckle turned into a low growl.

The guards in the room aimed there guns at me. Thick hair began to grow all over my body.

My laugh sounded like a howl. “Oh please! You really think I don’t know you’ve been out of silver for months?!” I tossed both of the guards aside. “Oh and just a quick history lesson for you, Doc.” I smiled as I climbed over his desk. “The full moon thing? Total bullshit.”



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