MIA – Some Explanation, Blog/Stream/Book Update

So I’m gonna start off with a quick apology for the I think 3 week hiatus. My bad. It was half laziness, half sickness, and half helping family. Don’t uh, don’t think too hard about the math on that one.

Anyway, this short little, uh, “vacation” of mine gave me some time to reflect on what’s going on and what I should be doing. First things first, I didn’t notice it at the time but the daily posts were actually somewhat stressful to write despite their apparent ease to write. I was also quickly running out of ideas. So I’ve decided to remove these from my schedule. The Friday book progress posts will remain however. I will try to post another blog post once a week besides the book updates but will likely miss a few weeks.

To compensate for the lack of posts I’ll add Thursdays to my stream schedule over at twitch.tv/thexangurla. So you can come hang out over there if you want.

If you didn’t gather, yes I will keep working on the book. I think this break was probably good for it as it will allow me to reflect on what I’ve already written and let me see if I’m happy with the direction it’s heading in. In terms of a release date, I have no clue. Year and a half from now minimum.

This will all start up beginning Monday next week so I hope you all have a good weekend!


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